Meant to Be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry

Meant to be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry
4 moons

It has been 12 years for years ago she was known as the sick girl, the one nobody wanted not even her own father. Years ago she wasn`t sure she would make it back alive. Only one who wanted her was her Aunt Luz and now she is gone. Coming back to say goodbye to her was not the way she imagned coming home to sadness. She expected a lot to happen when she came back but seeng the boy she loved years ago was not one of them. Burke Wolfe was not the usual boyfrend but really a friend who understood her and wanted to be with her. He was everything a teenager like her craved, a friend to talk to. Now seeing him again as a man is making her libido go wild. She always wondered how he kissed and now that she is a woman she is wanting a whole lot more than just friendship this time. Problem is will she always be the sick friend in his eyes or grow to be something he never expected in his life.

She was the only one who understood him. He was the teenage boy that got in trouble but had no problem when it came to girls. She was the sick girl with an aunt who sold erotic toys but nothing about that bothered her. Sofia Mercer never figured out she was more than a friend to him years ago she was his lfeline to survival. She was the only one who when he was down made him come back to the living. All he wanted at that time was for the pain and heartache to go away yet it was Sofia he made a point to live agan. The day she left him for the transplant was the day his life ended but seeing her again as a woman is like getting a kick start to life to live again. Can he prove to Sofia that his feelings for her are real and has always been all those years ago?

Lisa Marie Perry has done it again with a story about learning to live again but also how to love again wth Sofia and Burke. Two people who struggled to be loved yet feel they were short changed. I felt for Sofia for going through what she went through alone is tough then there is Burke who was in so many ways her symbol to live. These two are so much alike yet feel they are worlds apart. This is more than just Sofia and Burke for we see how hard they struggled to have a life no one thought they would have. Meant to be Mine is definitely titled right for Lisa Marie Perry created two characters that are complete in so many ways it is hard to imagine them separated at all. They have a unique bond and love that you can tell has never disappeared but has grown stronger than ever.


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