Pretending With The Greek Billionaire by Kira Archer

Pretending With The Greek Billionaire by Kira Archer
4 moons

What does he do? What is life like for playboy Luca Vasilakis? Booze, women and partying that is what describes Luca`s life. It is because of this his father is getting tired his lifestyle. Nobody will take him seriously especially to run a corporate company like his father has done. So it comes as a surprise that he is thinking of marriage to an innocent, and beautful woman like Constance McMurty. She is everything opposite of the women he associates with but ever since seeing her and six orphans in his pool changes everything. Luca knows he is coming as aggressive but somehow this social worker is getting under his skin. Will she agree to his plans or will he make her life miserable?

Six little orphans are what matters the most for Constance McMurty. Some people call her strange for wanting to care the for little girls but she is all they have. She knows it was wrong to use the sexy Greek Billionaires pool but she can`t ever say no to her kids. Now she is stuck with him for no matter if she says no to his evil plan her kids will be the ones that will be hurt. It is for the kids she is doing this but her traitorous body wants Luca after one passionate kiss from his seductive lips. Can she keep her heart intact or will the sexy Greek sweep her off her feet?

One thing about Kira Archer`s latest is that there is no way anyone can resist Luca. To many people he is famous, rich, sexy but beneath this Greek Billionaire is a man who has forgotten how to love and tell which people is real. Being with Constance is making him see that there are actually women who are not all interested in him. The chemistry they have is hilarious and in so many ways they complete one another. Kira Archer sure brought confusion and chaos to Luca but in a sexy good way. Cannot wait to see what is next by this talented author.

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