Protecting Maddie by Desiree Holt

Special Forces: Operation Alpha: Protecting Maddie by Desiree Holt
93 pages
3 1/2 moons

She is not losing her mind. Someone is watching her every move. It all started after she talked one of her students from killing his classmates in school. Talking him down that day changed everything even though she never imagned herself actually doing that one day. Ever since then Maddie has been on hyper alert. Someone wants her well her parents and is determined to get to them through her. After 30 years her parents secrets are about to come out and it is up to Maddie to make sure they stay protected. Problem is that even though she is the one that needs to keep her life safe it is Hunter “Hawkeye” St. John who is making her wonder if her life will ever be normal.

Hunter “Hawkeye” St. John has seen and done many things as a Delta Force operatve but none have been beautiful and sexy like Maddie Winslow. It was supposed to be a favor for a friend to watch over her but since meeting her he is feeling all kinds of feelings. His life is dangerous and sometimes can keep him away because of his job but Maddie is making it difficult to be just a job. Somehow this woman who took down a kid with a gun is making him wonder about maybe settling down. Commitment is not for him but knowing that someone out there is after his Maddie is not something to take lightly. Can he be there once all the secrets are out and keep her safe forever?

The Delta Force team is a group of men that take ther jobs seriously until a woman comes in. Being active is all Hunter knows in his line of job and being with Maddie is making him well antsy. He has never been in this type of job where he must be professional but want to jump a clients bone in every way. Though it is short couple of weeks the love they have is strong and totally not what he expected. Maddie is strong, beautful and not the usual damsel n distress he is known to rescue which scares him. Desiree Holt have to say didn`t disappoint at all only wish it was longer. The suspense and action just seemed to quick for me but man the passion hot.


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