Solid Stone: Odyssey by E.G. Patrick

Solid Stone: Odyssey by E.G. Patrick
300 pages
4 moons

Ever since I caught him at the revolving door my life has changed. Being with Adam Stone is not the usual girl meets boy but woman meeting man and boy is he all man. I never felt these kinds of things before and it scares me how much he is into me. With Adam I am Violet, the girl trying her hands in love and at night he brings out Gia in me. He has a way that in one minute I am timid sweet and the next he excites me in a way all my fantasies come out. Never has a man brought me to this point where I want to be good and bad all the same time. Yet no matter how much I love him he is my first love and feel that maybe what we started is becoming too much.

She is like a butterfly, a sexy beautiful butterfly learning her way. When she caught me at the revolving door there was something about Violet Cole I never felt before. This feeling for this woman astounds me everyday with her innocence and desire to learn all the naughty ways that will bring us closer. She is new and I feel a kindred spirit in her. This is the longest I have been with a woman and know at times I seem possessive of her but she has broken me. Can I give her what she wants without breaking my heart and soul?

After months of waiting for Adam Stone I am so happy E.G. Patrick finally has Odyssey. In so many ways these two are in many ways feel apart yet their desire for one another is what keeps bringing them closer. The passion between them keeps getting stronger but there is still the doubt that makes Violet a little weary. I loved that E.G. Patrick didn’t hold nothing back in the bed and outside which made them well normal for me. Adam is not your usual man with BDSM lifestyle but one who is afraid to really love. Now Violet is definitely maturing but the intense chemistry between them might be overwhelming at times for her. This is book 2 and now we wait to see what Adam’s next move will be making me anxiously waiting.


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