Stripped Bare by Emma Hart

Stripped Bare by Emma Hart

It was supposed to be a bachelorette party for my best friend, Ali and nothing else. Once I saw him dancing and then the private lap dance I knew this guy was going to change my life. It was just one night of tangled sheets, his body on top of me, insde me and behind me nothing more. That changes though when I am back in Las Vegas and well I screwed up, he is my client, the owner of Rock Solid a strip club looking to be bigger in Vegas. West Rykman is more than a stripper and being with him is making me see how tempting and seductive he can be. No matter how much I try to step away from this thing with him my heart and body wants him. My life is in San Diego not in Las Vegas with a man who knows how to use his charm, tools and oh so seductively play my body so well. I never needed a man to make me complete for  I am terrible at commitments but the thought of not being with West is too heartbreaking. Can I leave this sexy man and the possibility of finding love for the first time?

She is sexy, beautiful and not like the other girls I have been. People see me as just a stripper, a dancer with money and the sexy body I posses. Nobody see`s the real me just want the sex and well more sex out of me. It was supposed to be just a bachelorette party but after beng insde her, hearing her moan and knowing it is my kisses and touch that make her explode I wanted more. This is the first that has happened to me a woman getting under my skin so easily. The more I am with Mia though I am learning being with her is definitely not easy at all. Somehow she is determined to play this relationship as just sexual but there is more than that between us.  I have only a couple of weeks to prove to her how right we are and will do anything to make her see I am more than a stripper but the man she has been waiting for all her life.

In one word HOT by Emma Hart. Move over Magic Mike for Emma Hart knows how to entice her readers and boy did she ever with West Rykman. Just reading about him dancing and the sex between them was off the charts nothing  I expected. This is more than just a dancer for it is a woman overcoming her fears and well learning to let go. The passion between West and Mia is hotter than ever and more than just sex between them. I loved that even though West has been dancing a long tme he is more than just a sexy body and face he is also a man trying to be more than just an image. This is the first book and yes there is a sequel cannot wait for Beck the other partner in Rock Solid making these two men one hot ride to read more about from Emma Hart. Awesome.


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