Stripped Down by Emma Hart

Stripped Down by Emma Hart

Rock Solid and the Landing Strip are his life and of course the women that work in his strip club. Beckett Cruz takes after his girls and makes sure they are not having problems. His life is all about partying and the many women he can bed until one drunken night. Hard to believe he is married. Not just married but in his mind screwed because somehow Cassie has done what no other women has done making him fall. Not just a simple fall according to his best friend and other partner West but freefalling quickly. It is not just Cassie though but her little girl Cici has enchanted him in a way he never imagined being pulled into. It was supposed to be just one night but being with Cassie is making him see how lonely his life has become. He knows it is payback for making fun of West with hs relationship with Mia but dang karma is a bitch in some ways. An easy divorce should have fixed everything but now that he has the papers well he wants more of Cassie and her little girl. Can he prove to Cassie she is not alone anymore and he can be there for her?

Sure it might be the Disney movie that makes him a ringer for Flynn the handsome character that her little girl loves but it is becoming so much more for me. I still cannot believe how things have changed after that one tequila drink. I could blame it on the drink but Beck is one sexy beast and I know him hanging out with us and my little girl will be a disaster. I have never let a man in my life and somehow one stupid night end up married. He is known to be a man with many women never committing to one and now he is stuck with me. Divorce is the only thing that will work but no matter how much it will be so easy this feeling that is happening towards him is like a huge road block. It has always been just me and Cici and now I cannot imagine a life without Beckett. How can a stripper and single mom ever dream of having a normal life when everytime I’m dancing I feel disgusting? Can I give the life my daughter needs and still be the woman Beck needs in his life?

Good Lord where does Emma Hart come up with these hot guys. I thought West did it for me but man Beck is like a thunderstorm blowing my mind out of here. I loved that he is not the usual stripper but actually has a heart of gold like West. To others he is just a dancer all about having a different woman every nght but when the right one comes along he is a goner all the way. Cassie is the right one for him and Cici just the most adorable little six year old ever. This is more than just a dancer getting hitched it is about two people learning to rely on each other. I feel for Cassie for she was young when she had Cici and it takes a strong man like Beck to make her see we are not alone. Emma Hart did this story so beautiful just like Mia and West story but created a family with all four characters. I really hope there is more of Emma Hart and her dancers for there is one person I am interested to see what will happen and that is Vicki the bartender wondering what her story is in Rock Solid. Loved it.

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