Fighting to be Free by Kirsty Moseley

Fighting to be Free by Kirsty Moseley

It feels good to be free. After months beng in juvie I have a chance to make things right. I knew working with Brett would land me in jail but knowing he wants me back is too easy to fall back into. My mother hates me and wishes me dead yet through all my time in juvie it has been Brett and Ray to still want me. All my life I was told I was bad that I would never amount to anything good. That all changed though when I meet her. She is still in high school yet she is all woman to me. Being with Ellie makes me feel normal that anything is possble got a car thief like me. Problem is that no matter how much I deny it the bad Jamie Cole gets suckered in again. Its fast money working with Brett but the more  I do these jobs it feels like a part of me is dying each time I do it. This is a side I never want my Ellie to see me but just when I think I can finally be free of it my luck runs out. Will Ellie understand what  I am about to do to her?

He is unlike my ex-boyfriend Miles and it scares me. For the first time here is a guy who doesn`t want me for the cheerleader  I am or the popularity I bring but just me. Being with Jamie feels like I can finally be loved, safe and just happy. It started off as just sex but somehow this handsome, broody and bad boy has gotten to my heart. I knew after the one night I had with him it will never be enough. The more I am with Jamie I know he is hiding something and no matter how hard I try I feel like our happiness will end soon. Can I be strong enough when the time comes? I am Jamie`s girl and will always be but the danger he is in makes me wonder if my love can set him free for good.

This is the first I have read from Kirsty Moseley and have to say I love Jamie Cole. Here is a guy who didn`t choose the life he has led but is trying his hardest to be a good guy. He knows in the past he did things out of goodness and yet he is the one who is to blame for everything bad happening. He is definitely not your usual bad boy but one who is doing things to make things right in his life. Ellie is perfect for him for she is normal, fun, carefree and just makes his life have a meaning. He believes he is destined to be bad and being with her makes him dream for the possibilities. The love they have is of course the first time they have felt this deep connections which makes them closer but like all things there are obstacles. Kirsty Moseley started this series beautiful and cannot wait for the next one making me want more didn`t expect this with a cliffhanger. If you love the bad boys who need love to make them see they are worth loving then Kirsty Moseley has the perfect book in Fighting to be Free wth Jamie Cole.


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