Risking It All: Run To You by Rachel Lacey

Risking It All: Run to You by Rachel Lacey
Ebook and Print

I cannot loose her. She is everything to me the one person who gave me a life of love, happiness and making me the man I am right now. My grandmother Dixie is the reason my business is coming ahead. People have seen me as an Olympic Gold Champion but this Adventures business with my friends will be big. The one thing though I cannot give my grandmother is me finding someone to be happy with like she was with her husband. Until I rescue Gabby Winters from an attack of the yellowjacket bees in my property. She is the reason my Grandmother is smiling and happy right now thinking were together. It was supposed to be a game at first being with Gabby but the more I am with her I see how funny, smart and god beautiful she is. For the first time here is a girl who doesn`t make me want to run away but instead want to run towards her all the time. My friends told me it was stupid to play her along but knowing my Grandmother is happy is the main thing right now. Or is it? Being in a small town everybody knows everything and are quite surprised how easily Gabby has come to mean so much to me. Can I be with her when the time comes to separate?

She is funny, smart and somehow Dixie has come to mean so much to me. I will do anything to make her be happy for as much time I can. Ethan, however, is not someone I imagined my heart falling for but will do anything I can to bring happiness to his grandmother. For the first time in months I feel safe something I haven`t felt in a while. Everybody in town says how happy they are to see Ethan with someone but how far can we go before the pretend love we have grows to something else we never expected. No matter how much we pretend to be in love the feelings I am getting right now for Ethan is making me wonder if I can keep him forever. Can I be there for Ethan when he will really need me? Can I be the woman Dixie wants me to be for her Ethan?

Once again Rachel Lacey has done it again in such a sweet and funny tale. I just loved Dixie for this is no ordinary grandmother. Though she wants the best for Ethan we see a strong woman who just wants Ethan to find the love and happiness she had with her husband. Gabby is exactly what Ethan has fought to not have. Every woman he has been with have only wanted to be with him because of his Olympic fame. Gabby is making him see that a relationship can be much more than just fame and sex. With her he feels a love he hasn`t felt in a long time. I loved how Rachel Lacey brought these two together and man when Ethan finally see`s how much in love he is with Gabby just stole my heart. This is one sweet romance that just warmed my heart and hope we see more of Ethan`s friends as well. Loved it.


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