The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas

The Protector by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Nobody knows the real me. All they see is the 23 year socalite, the girl who has money, beauty, sexiness and parties all the time. I have always been daddy`s girl and quite frankly hate it. I never knew how much my dad loved me until he forced me to be with Jake Sharp. He is my bodyguard for the next couple of weeks and lately is stifling my life. There is something my dad is not telling me and though it seemed quite annoying being with Jake is making me see how soon he is getting to know the real me. I never wanted this kind of life, the modeling, the parties and god all the drama that is in it right now. Jake is proving to me that I can be something else but the dang paparazzi is always there. Dad is hiding something and though Jake is just a job I cannot imagine a life without him. He is unlike any man I have known and his sexiness, bossiness and god his hot kisses just makes me want to rip his clothes and say take me. Can he be the man who will always make me feel loved and safe? Or am I just a job?

She is just a job one I didn`t want but since leaving the War I am feeling antsy. I am a soldier, a fighter not a bodyguard but for the first time in months I am being wanted. People see her as a party girl just all about sexiness, beauty and a dumb ditzy blonde. Yet the more I am with Camille or Cami to me I am seeing a woman nobody sees. She is strong, smart, clever and somehow has made feel alive again. I tried so hard to keep my feelings intact but somehow Cami has gotten under my skin. Just when  I think I have everything figured out with this assignment the tables have been turned. Can I be there for her like she has come to be for me, my angel?

In one word WOW by Jodi Ellen Malpas. Okay first off when I started reading about Jake one man came to my mind if this was made into a movie, Scott Eastwood. Jake is a man filled with heartache and pain in so many ways feels like the end of his life. As a soldier who has always fought in the war he feels desperate to live agan. Jodi Ellen Malpas created this guy with so much hotness and yet vulnerability he doesn`t show to so many people. The attraction he feels for Cami not only confuses him because it is a job but also it is the first time he is actually feeling something besides pain. I loved that Cami was able to break through him and show that he is a man who can love and live again. Jodi Ellen Malpas just brought these two in a way they never expected yet showing them no matter how much you fight you cannot fight love. Beautiful written and passionate making this more than just an assignment for Jake it is a chance to love again.

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