Brother`s Ink Book 1: Jameson by Nicole James

Brothers Ink Book 1: Jameson by Nicole James
4 moons

He didn`t want this job. He had dreams of being a therapist or a couselor but his brothers needed him the most. Now years later he is part owner of Brothers Ink a tattoo shop everybody goes to right now and the sexiest eligible bachelor in town. It is because of this he is fuming mad that she signed him up to walk for her bachelor auction. He knows this is all because of City Councilwoman Ava Hightower doing to make fun of him. All he wanted was his parking spots and now he is stuck with the infuriating woman. There is something about Ava that gets to him and now because of his demands she is working for him. He knew that she would never find a receptionist for his shop but to do the job herself well that takes guts in his book. He knows he comes off as a dick but the uppity woman just doesn`t know her place. As a man covered with tats he knows he can be with a woman like Ava but it doesn`t stop him from imagining what it would be like to be with her in and out of bed. Can he work with her up to the gala or will they kill each other?

The man is a psycho in her book and no wonder why all the women she has set up to be his receptionist comes back crying to her staffing company. She knows the type of man he is a which is biker with no feelings and all hard edginess. With no other woman to take the job she works for him for six weeks and praying it goes quickly. At first it seemed okay getting to know the other O`Rourke brothers but there is always Jameson in the background making her wonder about him. He seems scary, cocky, bossy and sexy in her book which is all wrong in so many ways. Jameson is not the type of guy she would be with but there is just something about him that gets her going. They are enemies and yet she needs him. Everybody wants a date with him willing to pay big money for a night with him and in some part of her wants him. The kiss he blows into her life is just a sample of hot how they will be together but the gala is the most important thing right now. Without him all her efforts will be epic fail and she cannot fail again this time. Can she convince Jameson how important the gala is and well how right they are together?

Good Lord talk about tattoo guys that just get you going in the O`Rourke family. Have to say yes Jameson is all tough as nails but deep down he is a teddy bear and protector. With Jameson, Ava feels safe and cherished a man she can lean on in so many ways. For the first time these two come together in a way they never expected. I loved how much Jameson pushes Ava to make her see she doesn`t always have to be the oldest sister she can be herself. Jameson with her is like the one time she can be free and not worry. Nicole James new series is definitely one I am going to keep up for there are three more hot brothers, Liam, Max and Rory. Oh the dirty imaginations on what is to come in this series. Loved it.


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