Too Wild To Tame by Tessa Bailey

Too Wild to Tame by Tessa Bailey
3 1/2 moons

This is his last chance to redeem himself. Working with the latest Senator and keepng his family together is not easy. All he had to do was get the Senator`s ratings back up and it is up to him to make it happen. The thing is that though he is determned to make it work the Senator`s daughter Grace is a huge distraction right now. There is something about Grace he never expected and being with her is making him wonder when his life will ever get to normal. His family needs him but lately he is questoning his job and life. Being with Grace at night lets him be out of control and wanted. He knows being with her is dangerous but one kiss and being inside her is not something he is going to just dscard away. Can he redeem hmself in the elections as the Senators assistant and be the man Grace needs?

Grace Pendleton is an enigma. For years she has tried to be the good daughter but her father, the Senator, will never understand her. To them she is the troublemaker, the one who wants to be wld, carefree and well just be herself. Aaron calls her Hippie and maybe in so many ways she is. She has never been comfortable with the life her father wants her to be in and because of this she is trying to figure out her life. Ever since the incident at the YouthAspire camp she has been in hiding not by choice but by her father. Everyday she remembers what happened and blames herself for not seeing the signs to help the others in the camp. Being with Aaron she feels safe, wild but most of all she feels she can be herself. For years she has been the black sheep and yet Aaron see`s the real Grace Pendleton. She knows he is there to help her father but for once she feels ready to let the world see her.

Okay so at first I have to say the blurb got to me in this book but felt it was just too fast for me. There were times that there were scenes confusing and felt in so many ways it lacked for me. Grace just didn`t seem to real for me for sometimes I felt like she was naive playing innocent then all of a sudden Tessa Bailey made her well just not like herself. I wanted more of this book but felt it didn`t quite meet my expectations between them. One minute Aaron seemed normal and then all of a sudden he like a sex freak with the dirty talk and all. Don`t get me wrong Aaron is hot but just felt this book was too quick. Just didn`t do it for me this one by Tessa Bailey hopefully her next one in the series will be better.

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