Bargaining for the Billionaire by JM Stewart

Bargaining for the Billionaire by JM Stewart
Ebook and Print
September 13, 2016

Online dating something I never imagined doing in my life. People say it is time to move on to get back into the dating scene. Easy to say when those people, my friends, have found their Prince Charming. Whereas mine was a liar and fooled me into thinking our relationship could be more. Grayson Lockwood was everything to me. He was my best friend and seemed the man who can make me forget what happened years ago. It is not easy for me to love someone but Grayson was it for me until I found who Grayson Lockwood really is. Now 3 years later I am still trying to move on but somehow always go back to wondering what if I had given him time to explain. What if I had opened my heart and learn to trust again? Now seeing him all those feelings are back but all I want now is just sex. Love doesn`t exist and I am ready to have fun. Can I get back into the saddle and just have fun with a man who still has my heart?

It has been 3 years since I saw my love. The one woman who somehow knew the real me. Maddie was more than just a friend she became the first woman to steal my heart. I knew I had to tell her who I really am but was scared of seeing disgust in her face. I wasn`t born into wealth but into a life nobody should be born into. Being with Maddie made me feel normal and so in love with her nothing else mattered. Time is definitely not a friend of mine but this time I am determined to make her see she still is the one for me. Never imagined seeing myself in a bachelor auction but this is the one time I need all the help I can get to get my woman back in my life forever. Can I be the man she needs in her life to earn her love and trust?

JM Stewart you have made me a believer in bachelor auctions with a man as hot as Grayson Lockwood. Here is a man who knows what he did was wrong in not trusting his woman but was scared. I loved that this man who came from a life of well hard knocks sees that trust is the main thing in love. Maddie is one who is still trying to learn to trust in men again considering what happened years ago. Here is a girl who like Grayson carries scars, fears and well doubts of ever finding a man to truly love her. These two though come from a past they never wanted to tell about it is something they must learn to confront in order to move on. JM Stewart truly has a beautiful romance in this book and have to say cannot wait for Cassie`s story and Tyler.


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