Just One Week by Alice Gaines

Just One Week by Alice Gaines
4 moons
September 12, 2016

It has been years since Michelle Dennis seen her crush. He was her brothers best friend and now he is a Pro Football Player her Alex who can get any woman he wants. Problem is that even though he is popular, sexier than ever Michelle has always wanted him. She tried to move on but after that one time she was found in well a position she only wanted him to star she has tried to move on. Coming back to his parents wedding anniversary was a huge mistake but seeing him again is bringing back all the feelings she has tried to stay hidden. Kissing him was bad but inviting him to her room was a point she knew she can never forget. She used to be sane, smart and knew what she wants yet when it comes to her Alex she is like a teenage girl again. Can she be herself and keep her feelings towards him a secret again?

Everytime he is near Michelle aka his Mickey he is a blubbering fool. He knows he hurt her years ago when he threw her feelings towards him back to her and has tried to make amends. Problem is that his Mickey has grown into a sexy, beautiful and smart woman he knew she would become. As a Pro Football player he can have any woman he wants but Michelle has always been the one for him. He knows she can have any guy she wants and wonders why she would want to settle well with a dumb jock like him. Alex knows he can never compare to her smart colleagues yet cannot stop the feelings he has for her. Can he be the man she needs and show her how deep his feelings for her are after all these years?

Alice Gaines has once again created a story about a man who has it all from sexy looks, the body and sometimes the brains but feels shortchanged to his girl.  I loved that Alex is a man who even though he has it all feels he`s not man enough to be wth Michelle. She is sexy, beautiful and smart all he feels he is not when being next to her. The connection they have is like a romance being rekindled even though it never started in the first place. Alice Gaines created a beautiful tale of a couple who are friends yet secretly want more but afraid to loose that friendship. These are the kind of stories I love where one or the other find out that love can be so much sweeter with a dose of friendship in it. Loved it.

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