Love and Music in Texas Book 6: Skyrocket by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Love and Music in Texas Book 6: Skyrocket by Nikki Lynn Barrett
142 pages

I have been carrying this in my pocket looking for the right time. Kind of hard to find when your girlfriend is Kyra Sanders and everybody wants her. I knew when I met her my life will change forever but never knew how our life will change forever. She is my everything and even my son, Andrew, loves her more than his own mother. I hate that just when Kyra`s life is getting back to normal Andrew`s mother pulls away from him. I knew even back then she was never a mother to him but seeing the hurt in his eyes still pains me even though he is a teenager now. Being with Kyra almost makes us feel like a family and maybe more if I can find the right time. Being with her on tour is making me see how famous my Kyra is and makes me wonder if we can make it work. Andrew and everybody says how right she is and they are right. Problem is just when I think time is now something interrupts us. Will she wait for me? Will she run away from me when I tell her I want more than us just dating?

He hasn`t proposed. I know he is the one for me Mr. Matt Greer. I thank God everyday for making me hit his best friends car and meeting him. He is like the normalcy I need in my life. Coming back into the stage singing my heart out is something I didn`t think will ever happen again. Being with Matt and his son has made me see love might be possible. The more I am with them I see how right we are together but still he has not proposed. Everybody says he is in love with me but still nothing. Can I be patient with him when everything in our lives say we belong together?

Nikki Lynn Barrett has done it again in bringing us back to a family of musicians who are making waves in the country music in Texas. It might have all started with Baby Stetson but this is a group of people I am loving. I fell for Matt and Kyra when they first met together and seeing how far they have become is sweeter than ever. Have to say Matt is one man who knows what he wants and Kyra is his forever. I feel sorry for Andrew and really hope this doesn`t make him bad only better. The love Kyra and Matt have is stronger than ever and boy once the time is right get ready for it. Nikki Lynn Barrett brought these two together in a way that well just makes you all sweet and gooey inside. Here is a woman who deserves happiness and a man who is ready for a second chance at happiness. Loved it and cannot wait for more in this series.


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