Mine for Now by Erika Kelly

Mine for Now by Erika Kelly
October 6, 2016

Nicole knows when a person needs help. For years she was one of those people lookng the other way. Growing up with a mother who loved her booze more than her own child leaves you with a feeling of what the fuck. She tried many years to make her mother see she is more important than alcohol but always came in second. All she wanted was a normal life and for someone to put her first in their life. Meeting Dylan she feels a kindred spirit in him and knows firsthand what he is going up against. She knows she can`t force him to see what is in front of him but Nicole knows denial when she sees him. He tries to be tough but knows sooner or later there will be a breaking point soon. All she wants is to have a normal life and be the best in baking and leave all the drama behind her. Can she give up on Dylan when he needs her desperately?

Dylan McCaffrey is finally in college away from his mother. This was his chance to finally be free of all the shit that has happened but somehow the dang past keeps coming back. Being in college was his chance to be somebody and not always referred to the crazy, drunken mother`s son. Being with Nicole he is starting to feel almost normal that anything can be possble if he wants it deeply. The attraction he has for Nicole is nothing he has felt before and wishes more than ever he can be like her. Can he be the man who goes after what he wants and not be dragged into his family like usual?

I have only one thing to say about Erika Kelly`s latest and that is WOW. I was pulled in all directions with her latest when it dealt with Dylan and Nicole. Part of me was like how can Nicole be like this towards her past and not feel remorse at all for Dylan. Yet once we learn more about Nicole and why she is what she is now we understand everything. She is perfect for Dylan for she knows first hand what he is going through trying to be a better person. The love they have for each other is in a way new, complicated and what they need to move on. As a New Adult book genre this one shows exactly what it is like to be really in love in college yet filled wth drama, hatred and just tryng to fit in. These two have more than just a past in common they have a strong urge to get past it and be something better than what they have expected. Erika Kelly sure knows how to grab your attention and boy from the first chapter we see more of Dylan than anybody has seen. Cannot wait to see what else is in store by th5s talented author. Loved it.


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