The Playbook by Kelly Elliott

The Playbook by Kelly Elliott
324 pages
September 13, 2016
Ebook and Print

There are two things in my life I love the most. Football and women in that order. They come in so many beautiful bodies and have never had a woman say no to me. They see me as sexy, rich and of course guaranteed they will get a screaming orgasm to knock them off their feet. Through all the women I have had none have compared to Aubrey Cain. She is a reporter trying to make it big but there is something about her that has gotten under my skin. Aubrey is the first to not succumb to my charms which shocks the hell out of me. Even though she says no to me I cannot get her out of my head. For the first time in my life I don`t care about the next touch down or winning game all I want is to be with Aubrey. Her job is to find out about me and I am afraid of what she finds out will scare her away. Can this little woman be the end of me being Austin`s womanizing football coach?

Brett Owens, coach extraordinaire has never lost a game in college football and could have made it big in the NFL. It is my job to find out what makes Brett Owens tick and not fall under his charms. The dirty talk that comes out of his mouth is like a lighter igniting me into flames and well a blubbering fool half the time around him. Everybody told me to be strong when it comes to Brett for his body alone can make any woman wild but his kisses are something else. This is my chance to prove to everybody I can be a great reporter for Espn NFL Football and not stuck with little college articles. Brett is my key to make a name for myself but didn`t expect for this coach to get to me the way he has become. As football games there is only one person who will win and no matter how much he wants to score with me I must stay strong. Can I beat Brett in his own game and be the one to score the final touchdown in his life?

Kelly Elliott has turned me into a football fan with Brett Owens. I loved this whole book and this coach who seems immune to love. He is cocky, arrogrant, sexy but man can he dirty talk you into anything. I felt for Aubrey for she had no chance in denying the chemistry between them. Right off you can tell Brett is a man who never looses and man Aubrey is one person who is never going to win. Just the love scenes were hot and the chemistry between them is like more than just an assignment for Aubrey. It might have come off as finding the deets about Brett but somehow Kelly Elliott pulled the rules in the game bringing them closer. This is one book you don`t want to miss and really hope there is more of Brett`s friend Tyler definitely a man who looks like he has a story about him.


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