Behind Closed Doors by J.L. Berg

Behind Closed Doors by J.L Berg
Ebook and Print
4 1/2 moons

I am cold-hearted, ruthless and according to my father who passed away only cute and dumb. I have no reason to be running a multi-billionaire company but somehow I am. Everybody see`s me as just the man behind the suit not the real Roman Cavenaugh. Nobody will understand how hard I had to work to get to where I am. Everyday is a struggle to prove that I can run this company and I am hardly distracted until she started working for me. Cara Hamilton the one woman who somehow is getting past my tough exterior is making me feel. There is something about her that won`t leave me alone and no matter how much I deny it I bask into her presence. For the first time I don`t want to work and I just want to be with her. She is unlike any woman I have known and knowing she comes from a different kind of life piques my interest a lot more. Can I go back to just being the man behind the close doors?

I am not into my boss at least I keep telling myself this repeatedly. Everybody says Roman is a man you won’t get anywhere for he is silent, brooding all the time and most of all lethal to women everywhere. This is the first time I am on my own and following the guy I thought was the one all the way to the city seemed a good idea at first. Now being with Roman is making me see I am definitely not prepared for men like him. His kisses alone is getting me into trouble making me want him more which is bad. This is my first job and he is becoming more than I can handle right now. Can I continue on just being his employee when all I want to do is make him mine?

In one word by J.L. Berg is wow. I have to say Roman is a man that is tough to figure out yet he is hot. Poor Cara has no chance in denying the attraction and man once he let’s go of being silent watch out. J.L. Berg knows how to make us hot and bothered with a man like Roman. The attraction they have is hot the man who has had any woman he wants and the woman who has never felt these feelings before. Loved it.


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