Claiming the Enemy by Lauren Hawkeye

Claiming the Enemy by Lauren Hawkeye
144 pages
4 moons

There is one thing about people like Piper Dawson and that is you can`t just say no to them. Which is a surprise that I am even agreeing to be her man. Even though she works for me at the hospital there is something about Piper that tells me No will never be in my life when it concerns her.  It was supposed to be just a charade to get my mother of my back but for the first since my wife passed away I feel alive. Love is not for me and especially from a feisty girl like Piper no matter how hard I deny it. One kiss, however, is not enough and now everything I thought would shield me from feeling again is coming back with a full force. Can I just go back to just being Dr. Lennox when this girl has woken me up to feeling love again?

He is arrogant, stubborn and above all the sexiest man I have been with which makes this all confusing. It was supposed to be just charade to get my ex out of my back but man can Dr. Alexander “Ace“ Lennox kiss. Just one night with him and he has become like a drug for me something I crave now. He makes me feel that I can have it all a great career and a man to really love me. The thing is that we come from the wrong side of the tracks whereas I have to work hard t get where I am he comes from wealth. Can we ever be together and learn to love one another?

I have to say Lauren Hawkeye leaves no room for doubt or fear in this book especially when it comes to Dr. Ace. Here is a guy who because of a tragic past has frozen his heart from loving again. I loved that Piper was a girl who took no for an answer she gets what she wants. The one thing I didn`t like though was no matter how much Ace denied it he was a little slow in seeing how right Piper is for him. Lauren Hawkeye has a way of making any man see that when love comes around there is no way to refuse it especially when it comes in a beautiful, feisty and smart woman like Piper.

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