Righteous Oulaws Book 4: Beast by Savannah Rylan

Righteous Outlaws Book 4: Beast by Savannah Rylan
235 pages
4 moons

The sandbox, Afghanistan, The War it will always be there no matter how hard I try to fight it to be gone. Nick, the leader of the Righteous Outlaws Motorcycle Club, was the only one who understood what I fought everyday to leave behind. Now that he is gone I have no one. Being in the Club is the only place that actually feels like home and family even though the people in Black Hills don’t want us. Now that Cash is the leader an Old Man Stanson, towns sheriff,  things have changed for better and worse. Now it’s Sheriff Ryan who is making my life hell. Ryan is unlike anything we expected especially since Ryan is a woman. She is unlike her old man and her questions and take no shit attitude kills me. I am used to protecting people and everything in me tells me I am the one who needs to be protected from her.

I am a disappointment to my mother but being a cop is in my blood. I always looked up to my father and dreamed everyday the day I will take over his job. Black Hills has always been my home and something about the Righteous Outlaws just doesn’t feel right especially when it comes to Bentley ”Beast” Harris. Something about this man just gets me off the bad and oh so sinfully good side. He is arrogant, tough, deadly and I cannot stop thinking about him wondering what made him the man he is. Can I be the sheriff the town needs without looking like I am working with the enemy?

Once again Savannah Rylan has brought us another tale of a club where we have come to know as family. Each member has their own story and boy did she do a great job in Beast. The funniest part I have to say was Beast`s reaction when he is met with Ryan. Boy were there fireworks from them arguing to his take charge in the bedroom so hot. One thing I love about Savannah Rylan`s Motorcycle Club is that we see a story about each member whether they`re tough, silly or just wants a different life we are never disappointed in each of them. This is not just a club but a family that have each other`s back and will do anything to make sure the town is safe. Cannot wait to see who is next in this club and their story.


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