Crushing on Love by Melissa Foster

Crushing on Love by Melissa Foster 

 300 pages


3 1/2 moons 

There are many things you can call me. First of my name is Steve Johnson, to my family and friends I am called Grizz. The Colorado Mountains is my life down to the snow capped mountains to the fox dens that like my land. I never thought something  someone will take my love for them but I didn`t expect a wildcat like Shannon Braden. Our families have always been close and though I have tried to hide the attraction she forces her way into my heart. As a wildlife consultant it is my job to show people my land and all its beauty but lately there are not enough people or mone coming in. Somehow I have to find a way to get the income back and not loose my mountains willing to do anything even get close to Shannon Braden.
I have always been attracted to My Grizz aka Steve. It all happened at my cousins wedding and thought for sure he would act out on the chemistry. I love how passionate he is about being a wildlife consultant and love how he speaks about the land like it is his own paradise. I know beneath the beard and long hair is a man destined to be mine just takes a little patience. He thinks I am a city girl and only here because of my research. I know at first I tried to get out of it but the more time I spend with my mountain man I know he is the one for me. As a Braden I have always had family be over protective of me yet for the first time with Steve I don`t feel smothered I feel real love. Can I show Steve how much he means to me without looking like a fool?
I love the Braden family by Melissa Foster and their wild ways but felt we didn`t see any of that in this book with Shannon. Steve is like a modern day grizzly man from the bead to the long hair and yes even the seclusion up in the mountains. Seemed to me that when they do get together it was more about the passionate side which Melissa does a great job heating up the mountains but fet there could have been more between them. Throughout the book we see a glimpse of how fun Steve can be but stepped back a couple of times. All in all this is another part of the Braden family that seems to be coming together showing us more what Melissa Foster can do with this wild and rambuctious family.

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