Forever and Ever Book 34: Stop at Nothing by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 34: Stop at Nothing by E.L Todd 

 152 pages


3 1/2 moons 

I used to be strong, alive and can do anything. I know Scarett is worried about me but I have to do something. I am Sean Preston, strong and active this shell of a man is not me. How much longer will it take for me to be what I used to be?
I still cannot believe it, I am pregnant. I know even before we got married Cayson wanted kids but is it too soon? Him being away for 3 months should go by fast but how long will the family keep this secret from him. More importantly how much longer can I hide it from my man.
I cannot believe Laura did this. What made her think I will cheat on my beautiful Skye. She is my everything and to think this woman could end it is not something to take lightly. I am a nice person and try to help those in need but can I help the woman who wants to destroy my marriage.
It breaks my heart really but I am not ready for this. We only been married less a year and now my wife wants kids. I vowed to give Trinity whatever she desires but on this case it is just too soon. Am I once again going to disappoint her?
Marriage is something I never imagined going through but I know the woman I would even consider. Lexie is my everything and man the passion we have just gets stronger than ever. Only problem is just when I think it is time she tells me about her parents. I know what he have is more than just regular love it is something deep. Can I convince her we can make it?
I have never had a girl friend. I mean sure I fucked plenty of women but there is something about Beatrice. She is the first girl that I actually want to be with and can tolerate. She understands me for she is still heartbroken about Conrad like I with Lexie. Yet somewhere along the line I have been thinking about just her lately. Not sure how it happened but she has made forget about Lexie, my ex.
Man so many new things and revelations happening in book 34 I was not expecting. First of Sean always thought of him a superhero always fit and strong. Seeing him weak like this and Scarlett trying to be brave was hard. These two have always seemed at ease and this just tears them apart. Makes me wonder how Scarlett can get back to being normal again. I have to say I am happy for Skye yet scared how Cayson will handle this. I fear about Laura and what she will do this happy beautiful couple. Now Trinity and Slade, kids wow. I never thought Slade would be in this stage in his life but really hoping there will be good news soon. The one I am anxious about is Beatrice and Jared. Something about this friendship between them is a lot more than what they had with Conrad and Lexie. Cannot wait to see how E.L. Todd will do this.


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