Forever and Ever Book 35: You Stole my Heart by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book Book 35: You Stole My Heart by E.L Todd 

 157 pages


4 moons 

How dare she come to my room the day before I leave to see my woman? I have no idea what she wants and the faster I get rid of her the better. Laura is the last thing I want to worry about. Just one more day and finally I will be with Skye.
All I want is to have kids. It has always been my dream that I will have kids the same time Skye did so our kids will be close like us. The sex is great, hotter than ever but nothing. I know I am putting Slade to the ringer but come on it`s sex he loves it. Problem is no matter how often, fast or hard we do it the dang stick keeps coming negative. How much longer will it take for me to get knocked up?
There is something about Theo that is getting my attention. He seems like a great guy and wonder why he is still single. People see me as just a guitarist for Slades band but Theo sees more in me. Not sure what will happen but I want to find out more about Theo.
I actually feel bad for Trinity in this book. Don`t get me wrong I am sure all the sex Slade is getting is great between them but she is sad. Seeing her best friend, Skye, pregnant must be hard and seeing how much she wants kids is tough. Really hoping we see a little bit more happiness back in Trinity for they deserve it. Loved it.


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