Forever and Ever Book 36: A Girl Like You by E.L. Todd

Forever and Ever Book 36: A Girl Like You by E.L Todd 

 154 pages


4 moons 

My man is finally back and hot dang he is hotter than ever. I never imagined my Cayson to be sexier than ever but these 3 months sure bulked him up. I scored lucky and the sex sweeter than ever. I cannot stop from attacking him and he me every hour, second and day. My family will understand I need some time with my husband. 
It is like the wedding all over. They have to pick me as the Godfather right. I mean that is important considering how long me and Cayson have been friends who better than me to tell the little dude about his father. Knowing I hold the news of what they are having should prove I can be responsible. Not even Trinity can get it out of me and boy this is just one step towards being a godfather.
She is back. After twenty years my mother is back. She says she doesn`t want anything just wants to know me. The only mother I know is Janice and to think this woman is my biological mother is just plain wrong. She never loved me the way Ryan and Janice did and she thinks she deserves a chance to talk me. No fucking way is all I can say. All she has done is bring me pain and heartache.
Her parents are divorcing and now this ring feels like a rock holding me down. All I want is Lexie to be my wife. Once again life is showing her marriages don`t last. I know ours will for we complete each other in every way from body to soul. Somehow she has made my life happy since Beatrice left me. Can I convince her we are meant for more?
Oh my god this one just wow. E.L.Todd sure knows how to bring happiness and sadness all in one book making your feelngs pulled in every direction. I was so happy about Cayson and Skye what they`re having then wham we have Arsen. Man this dude cannot get a break. Knowing what he went as a little boy, abused, abandoned at a young age was tough. E.L. Todd just proves in every book of this series how far they have come along. Cannot wait to see Arsen will dead with all this and the new baby coming along with Cayson and Skye.


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