Southern Nights and Secrets by Robin Covington

Southern Nights and Secrets by Robin Covington 


3 1/2 moons

People say I am like my father but to me that is horse shit. My father is evil, a druggie and doesn`t deserve to be alive. I  have worked to be better than him and being a doctor is fullfilling than passing drugs. No matter how hard I try to be good I can`t shake the feeling that everything I have worked for is a waste. Looking at kids coming in beaten up, shot up with drugs or even worse coming in dead just proves how bad justice has become. Nobody in the hospital cares about them which is a surprise that a girl from my past is back. Ginger is one good thing that happened in my life and because of that I pushed her away. She is what you call goodness wrapped in a beautiful package and I son of a druggie would have just contaminated her with ugliness.
I never understood why he did what he did but seeing him now proves he is still the same. Always a cheater right, yet something about his kisses proves me wrong. He is a good doctor and everybody knows it except him. I cannot understand why he does what he does but know inside he is meant for more. I am his boss temporarily and the one who will move him up as Team Leader in this hospital no matter others don`t see him for the job. I know in my heart he does things for a reason just have to figure out why he is acting like this. Is it the drugs? Or am I fighting a loosing battle trying to get to know the real man behind the scrubs.
Southern Doctor no way. Hot, sexy, brooding doctor yes by Robin Covington.  feel bad for Ginger never getting the closure she needs but there is no way you can resist him. The attraction they have is hot but felt it lacked for me. Every time they were together the sex was hot but felt there wasn`t really much of a storyline with them. Loved that Robin did show us the side he came from and trying to be better just seemed to fast paced for me. There was a lot about him but less of Ginger like what made her tick and be who she is now. All in all it could have been better and hope Robin`s next will be more fleshed out between the main characters.


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