The Rocker Series Book 2: The Rocker Who Savors Me by Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker Series Book 2: The Rocker Who Savors Me by Terri Anne Browning 

236 pages

4 1/2 moons 

Love is not something I imagined it to be. Nik and Emmie what they have is love. What I feel for Emmie`s new housekeeper, Layla is much more. I admire her for taking care of her sisters and giving them a life. The thing is that though I try so hard to stay away from her my heart wants her. For the first time something more than music is becoming important to me and it scares the shit out of me. Emmie has always been the only one to really understand me and Layla has somehow gotten to me. This chemistry I have for her is nothing I have experienced with and knowing that she can be the one woman to break me is unreal. Can I be the man she needs or will I be the rocker to destroy her?
I try so hard to be good, to be the sister and mother my sisters need in their lives. It is not their fault this is the life they are dealt with but my mothers. Working for Emmie Jameson is the ticket I need to give them the life they desperately need, normal. Yet the one thing I didn`t expect was Jesse the bass guitarist for Demon Wings. He is unlike any rock star I know and this is what makes me scared. He is nice, sweet, sexy and gods the one man to bring me to my knees. I knew one kiss from him will never be enough not to me or my sisteres. They see a brother-in-law in him and little Lucy see`s a father figure. To me he is all I have dreamed of falling for one day. Can I throw caution to the wind and be with the Rock Star who savors me in every way?
Oh Sweet Goodness I have never been so attracted to a bald guy like Jesse but man Terri Anne Browning pulls no stops in this series. I thought Nik was hot but man compared to Jesses readers beware. I loved that even though Layla is shy of rock stars Jesse is unlike any she has known. The sweetness in him is cute and man when it comes to Lucy he is just like a big bear easily to love. The attraction they have might start as friendship but watch out. This is one series that is becoming dear to me cannot wait for Drake`s story.


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