The Rocker Series Book 3: The Rocker Who Needs Me by Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker Series Book 3: The Rocker Who Needs Me by Terri Anne Browning 

 225 pages


Jack Daniels is my friend has been for year ever since I turned sixteen. Jack is the only one who can calm me before the nightmares, the one who doesn`t pass judgement on me. Too bad Jack is just a bottle and the only one who is my friend. At least until I met her. Lana, sister of my best friends fiancee and the woman of my dreams. I am all wrong for her considering I am much older and have been through things no one should go through. Lana is pure, beautiful, smart whereas I am a Demon, tainted and broken. The right thing to do is stay away from her but then again I am known to never do things right. Emmie says I need to free myself before I can learn to be happy again. Lana is the only one who can make me happy for with her I am at peace and she is my heaven.
Everybody tells me I need to stay away from him. Drake Stevenson is not a man I should associate with but he is my friend. Nobody understands him why he is what he is. I know his secrets, his heartache and know I am the only one who can make him happy. Yet he is the one person to also hurt me in a way I am too young to feel right now. People think I am naive and don`t know what we have is real just a game. Being with my Demon is the most easiest thing to do but also he can be my downfall. Can I be the woman he needs to make him whole and loved again?
Finally we get to know more about Drake and have to say to Terri Anne Browning just Wow. Now I understand why Emmie protects him the way she does. In so many ways they are almost like yet it takes a strong woman like Lana to heal him.The road to recovery is not all just roses and daisies but it takes a strong will to overcome it. The love Drake has for Lana is unlike any typical love but one that can heal and make a person feel well alive again. Demon Wings band is not just a band but we see 4 men learning the path to be good, loved and be what they are destined to be.


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