The Rocker Series Book 4: The Rocker Who Loves Me by Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker Series Book 4: The Rocker Who Loves Me by Terri Anne Browning 

 216 pages 


Sex and women come easy for me. I never had to work to get a woman to pay attention to me but Harper is one woman that is definitely making me work harder than ever. My name is Shane Stevenson and for the first time in my life, I am in love. Not just in love but so into Harper. With her it is not just sex but a feeling of well coming home. Harper has become my everything and now that she is the one for me I am determined to make her mine forever.
Beautiful is not something that one would describe about me. I am the sister of a super model always coming in second place yet Shane is making me believe in things. For the first time I am sexy, beautiful and it is definetly something that I am having hard time to get settled. Shane is a Rock Star who has had plenty of other woman far sexier than me but he wants me. I know I am being silly and maybe a little crazy to believe Shane actually wants me. Can I be the girlfriend of a Rock Star who only feels beautiful when he pulls me into his arms kissing me senseless?
One thing about this series that Terri Anne Browning is making these characters more than 2 dimensional. I love that Shane is of course the Demon Wings biggest manwhore but when it comes to Harper watch out. The love he has for her is something he has never experienced and wow. I loved seeing a different side of Shane nobody actually sees and Terri just created Harper so beautiful for him. Loved it.

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