The Rocker Series Book 6: Rockers Babies by Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker Series Book 6: Rockers by Terri Anne Browning 
326 pages


If you had asked me a couple years ago that me and my brothers would all have found happiness and even having babies I would have laughed at you. Hard to imagine but even Shane, who was the horniest and sex maniac settling down is still unreal. Everyday with Nik is making me believe nothing can separate us even the threat of one us loosing a child. Yet through it all it is Jesse I worry the most and how he will overcome this new revelation about his adopted daughter, Lucy. Well all love her and even though this is happening I know we can survive. 
Drake and Lana are about to begin a family and seeing him happy after everything he has gone through well brings me tears. Jesse and seeing him handle his twins is like wow. I knew right away he will be a great father considering how he has taken care of me it was a no-brainer. Layla is everything to him and even though I don`t make friends easily she has become my bestie. Shane and Harper, now they took me by surprise. I never imagined Shane to find a woman to keep up with him. In so many ways though Harper completes him in a way he never thought was possible. The only thing that would make all this perfect will be for this worry I have in me to go away. Everybody thinks I am strong but I know life is not simple. Can I be the Emmie they need when everything is about to hit the storm?
Man I have to say this is one series that has me so into it. Through everything that has happened you would think there will be nothing but happiness. Terri Anne Browning shined in this book showing us the after happily ever after in this family. Emmie may just have been the little girl the rescued but really she is the one who rescued them instead. The love they have for each other is stronger and the friendships they have is a bond that can`t be broken. Cannot wait to see what else is in store with this family. Loved it.


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