The Rocker Series Book 5: The Rocker Who Holds Her by Terri Anne Browning

The Rocker Series Book 5: Rocker Who Holds Her by Terri Anne Browning 

212 pages

She is my life and my heart. I knew when Emmie first came in through my window all those years ago my life will never be the same. I tried for years to be a friend to her but my baby doll has grown into a fierce, take no shit and sexy beautiful woman. I know I am the singer and famous in the Demon Wings band but I will give it all up to have a life with my Emmie forever. I have seen her grown up to be a fighter and the center of my life determined to always put us first in her life. I may be a Rock Star but she is the one who will always hold my heart in her hands. Soon she will be mine forever and will never have to worry or doubt about my love for her.
So we know how Emmie felt for Nik but actually reading about his side of things was beautiful. I am no sure how Terri Anne Browning was able to put all this together but have to say WOW. Everybody in this band has a special place in my heart but Nik have to say I just love him to pieces. Here is a man who is the leader of this band yet a man who will sacrifice everything to get his woman. I just love this series and cannot wait for more from Terri Anne Browning.


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