A Christmas Bride by Hope Ramsay

A Christmas Bride by Hope Ramsay
Ebook and Print
September 27, 2016

It has been almost 3 years and we are still not normal. The little girl who used to giggle and never once gave me a sad face is gone. When Shelly died she not only took my heart but the laughter out of my ilttle Natalie. Everybody expects me to just go on and as a Lyndon run for Congress. Nobody really knows that I have come to hate the Chismas season for it took my Shelly. Now I expected this year to be the same, however didn`t expect Willow Petersen back in town. I still hate her for not being there when I lost Shelly but somehow she has brought magic into my little girl. She is unlike her yet I cannot stop going to her. The whole Lyndon family say she is a troublemaker causing havoc like her mother but in a way she is waking me up for the first time.

Eagle Manor Hill Inn has been more than just an inn for Shelly and knowing that she once dreamed of making it a success is my mission. Sure people think I am a troublemaker especially with what happened in my last job but nobody knows the real truth. I never imagined anything with David, Shelly`s husband but just a friend. Somehow though knowing he is still hurting and my goddaughter, Natalie pains me. All Shelly wanted was a happy family and marriage but these feelings for David is confusing.  One kiss from him is not enough and though I am helping his cousin and fiancee to have the perfect wedding at the Inn I wonder when will my Prince see my love is real. Can I be the perfect woman for David who one day might be in Congress? Will I ever get the Inn like it used to be filled with joy, happiness and love?

I just love a good romance and Hope Ramsay nailed all the things I look for a TOP 10 recommended book. Willow and David, two people who have always known each other yet are struck with a tragedy that in some ways bring them together. They say Christmas is filled of magic and miracles and boy does David need it in his life. Here is a guy who had it all but now is lost trying to find his way and be a good father. Willow now is just trying to stay afloat in her life when one good thing she does backfires on her. Hope Ramsay had everything from even villains with David`s family to even hope and laughter for me. This is truly a beautiful story of Hope Ramsay that shows her true talent and that is making even a Scrooge like David believe in magc and love again.


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