Bedmates by Nichole Chase

Bedmates by Nichole Chase
384 pages
Ebook and Print
October 4, 2016

All I wanted to do was give the dogs a second chance. One misdemeanor and now I am being punished for wanting to do something right. Other people would have gone away with it but not me, Madeline McGuire, daughter of the President of the United States. I remember a time when I was able to do things without having Security Guards around me 24/7. Talking to my dad like a dad and not the Commander in Chief the good times. Now I am stuck with my enemy, well okay not enemy but the man who makes fun of me War Hero Jake Simmon. He is so opposite of me as the Vice Presidents Son but to the people of the United States he is the Golden Boy whereas I am the troublemaker. He is known for saving people in the War and I am known for the countless times I have been arrested and almost committed a felony. Yep were so different from one another yet the chemistry between us is something I cannot ignore. My father says   I need to push what I love the most not to give up. Everybody expects me to fail and passing a bill that means the world to me protecting the animals not a task for the weak. I didn`t expect though that by being stuck with Jake and helping him pass his new programs for the War Veterans will open up a world of possibilities and romance.

I have been home a year and it still haunts me what happened in the War. I blame myself for loosing over there not protecting my team. I should have died with them not coming home with a missing limb nobody understands the pain and heartache. What`s worse is that my mother aka Madame Vice President is determined to put me in the public eye. I miss being normal and having a mother who actually cared about her family and not what will get more votes. Sometimes living in the White House and all that has been around us can be troublesome and no one more Maddie understands what I go through everyday. For years I thought Maddie was a pain in the ass but instead she is my saving grace and now a friend I admire. Her work in wanting to push this bill and helping me help the War Veterans is astounding. Years ago I was forced to dance and talk with her always fighting now I cannot wait to see her and see what is happing between us. She understands everything I am going through and doesn`t take pity on me but I know any love I had is gone. Can I give her the life she has dreamed of having outside the White House?

So if there is ever a book you need to read and feel pulled all over in so many emotions Nichole Chase has it in Bedmates. I expected something of course political but this author blew me away with Maddie and Jake. I have to say Maddie was my favorite for here is a girl who was raised in the White House never forgetting where she really came from. Jake keeps her in balance from being the wild troublemaker to the obedient daughter of the President sometimes. Now Jake man poor guy he had it tough compared to Maddie. His mother talk about Cruella the Vice President. What he went through and feeling still lost and responsible just made me tear. Nichole Chase made us see that though he was lucky to come back alive there is still many who didn`t some still in pain even now. His friend was tough to read and see Jake like this was hard as well. I loved that nothing will push Maddie away and man Nichole Chase didn`t stop at nothing to make Jake see how right they are together. Loved it and cannot wait for more from this talented author definitely the book you need to read.


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