Broken God by Nazarea Andrews

Broken Gods by Nazarea Andrew’s
162 pages
4 moons

My name is Apollo. You might have heard of me from Greek Mythology they make you read about us in school. Yep I am the sun god, a music genius but most of all I can tell you about the future. It is with the help of my girls, Delphi, so many  them throughout the centuries. For years we, meaning the Olympian Gods, thought we were invincibile. We were immortal Gods nothing can kills us at least I thought that was true. All it took was me asking stupidly about my family and found it just how short life is. Now because of me being curious I cannot be with my family. At first I thought it was great but each day knowing that the end is near is quite horific.

It was supposed to have just been polite talk with Iris yet somehow she has bewitched me. I felt right away we belonged together and now she sees the real me. The killer according to my family. His twin sister Artemis feels he is going mad but with Iris he actually feels alive for the first time in centuries. She is unlike the other Delphi yet the thought of never seeing her again is too much. How can a God who used to have everything give a human a life of love and happiness?

In one word wow. Have to say this is the first I have read a book by Nazarea Andrew was quite surprised. I’ve always loved reading about the Olympian Gods and their immortality from Zeus to even Hades. Apollo now is a God who is burdened with the past and future in so many ways. Nazarea did such a beautiful job showing us his heartache yet determined to love his Iris. One thing I did want more is about Iris seemed there was more of her we didn’t get to know that much. Hope to see more of these gods from this talented author.


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