Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 5: Calm Before the Storm Larissa Ione

Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 5: Calm Before the Storm by Larissa Ione
106 pages
4 1/2 moons

The last time I was in Storm, Texas I came close to committing murder. Only thing that stopped me was my mom. Joann always took my father, Hector`s side never mine. I knew even back then what an asshole my father was hurting people like my mom and verbally us. Coming back all the ugly memories are back and then there is Brittany, daughter of Senator Sebastian Rush and my weakness. She is everything that is pure and beautiful having no place in my life. I am my father`s son and knowing that one day I can hurt her is too much. The Alvarez and the Rush family do not mix in no way or time. Yet with everything happening in my family she is the only thing keeping me sane and the urge to leave.

He is back and now everything is different. Years ago I had a huge crush on Marcus Alvarez and yet seeing him now as a man all those feelings are stronger than ever. I know I must be the responsible one and be there for my friend, Ginny, but Marcus is a man you can`t ignore. Grandmother and father say I have to stay away from his kind that the Rush family don`t mix with them. I never cared about my legacy just that with Marcus I feel loved and actually wanted. No matter how much I want him to stay forever I know my Marcus will never stay not when he feels anger towards his father and mother. This is definitely something Storm, Texas didn`t expect for Marcus to come and create trouble again.

So we finally meet the prodigal son that left this bustling town and boy did Larissa Ione did a great job in this guy. He is your modern day bad boy mixed with ton of vulnerability you just want to hug him. I loved how protective he is of his family but also has so much anger of what happened in the past. Joann I feel for her for what she went through but man Marcus is so not like Hector and has a hard time seeing this. Brittany is so unlike her family it is mind boggling that she is actually Senator Sebastian`s daughter. He is such a ruthless, old and perverted man and defnitely not a favorite for this reader. Just another reason why this series is going places and hope it never ends. Loved it.

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