Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 1: Tempest Rising by Julie Kenner

Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 1: Tempest Rising by Julie Kenner
102 pages

Ginny and Jacob. Two peas in a pod. Best friends forever until one Texas Thunderstorm changes everything. Since they were kids it has always been these two conquering the world and college it seems until one night night. A night that now is changing Ginny`s life forever. Coming back to Storm, Texas was supposed to be just a regular visit. Now because of Mother Nature it is a beginning to lies, secrets and betrayals that Storm, Texas will never be able to get over. Ginny knows it is only a moment of time before her secret is revealed but if it means bringing a little happiness to Jacob`s mother she will lie. As a college girl she had her time of partying and now she is wondering if one of those nights were really Jacob or someone else. A man she should never have done the deed with but now is hoping it is Jacob in the end. Her sister, Marisol, always told her nothing can come from lies but knowing that it will bring some happiness for a little bit and meaning Jacob`s memory alive is all it takes for the secrets to bloom.

Storm, Texas where there was once happiness and secrets buried will now see that no matter how big the storm is everything will unravel.

Omg this is one series that is worth reading. Right from the beginning it all starts with Ginny and Jacob. Now it is Ginny who must face the secrets and lies by herself. Storm, Texas a small town where everybody knows everybody yet there are things not even the people themselves are ready to reveal. I love that it kicked off with Julie Kenner and bringing us to this town where it is sending me shivers just waiting for Episode 2. In a way it almost feels like Desperate Housewives and that new show Blood and Oil mixed together with tons of lies, betrayals and secrets that will make your eyes pop. This is definitely a series I am so worth getting every time the next episode is realesed. Stay tuned for more reviews from this series.


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