Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 2: White Lightning by Lexi Blake

Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 2: White Lightning by Lexi Blake
103 pages
4 moons

He is gone. Sure I went to bed worrying about where he is but this time I didn`t go to sleep hurting from another slap in the face or a punch in the stomach. I didn`t wake up the next day to cover the bruises so my kids and the people of Storm, Texas didn`t see. My name is Joann Alvarez and it is the first day of my life where I didn`t have to have fear in my eyes. Dakota, my daughter blames me for her father Hector missing. She has always been daddy`s girl and I know she is hurting from his disappearance. Only one who seems to be happy is my little Mallory. I know I tried hard to hide the abuse but nobody will understand he has my heart. The only one who knows or sensed something was Dillon Murphy the local sherriff in town.

I have loved her for years even though she never knew. I was there the first time Hector hit her. I was there when she was brought into the hospital the same day they brought in Jacobs body to the morgue. We are still reeling from his death one our own gone forever. As a police officer I am supposed to protect the town and watch over them but none like Joann Alvarez I swore to never let my personal life interfere with my work but Joann is not just a job. She is my life and knowing that she is being treated like this by Hector I had to do something. Dakota is one nuisance though that is not making it easy for her mom. How she cannot see how her mother has been treated all these years is mind boggling. Problem is will I ever get the courage to prove to Joann that not all men are like Hector that she should be treated like a princess and not like servant?

In a way this is the aftermath of the storm that brought Jacobs death. Nobody expected this to happen loosing one of their own at a young age. To top it off Joann is starting a life she never imagined going through and that is living without fear. All her life she has been a target of Hector`s stupidity and anger and well Dillon is tired of it. Here is a guy who will do anything for his woman but revealing his true feelings. Now Dakota I know is going to be a problem for always thinking the worse of her mother instead of being there for her like Mallory. This is one woman who deserves happiness and really hope her and Dillon connect in the following episodes.


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