Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 3: Crosswind by Elisabeth Naughton

Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 3: Crosswind by Elisabeth Naughton
85 pages
4 moons

My brother is gone and he took my family with him. I blame Ginny for this. Jacob was the favorite of the family and now it seems lik nobody cares about me. All my mom cares about now is the baby. My father is hardly at home always at his work and the only people that are with me is Luis and Mallory. Although lately I am seeing my best friend in a new light. Luis Moreno is not someone I imagined going after but I know for a fact he has always been interested in me. Mallory adores him but they are freshly new as a couple so I know me moving in shouldn`t be a problem. Right?

Lacey has always been my friend and lately she has started acting differently. I know her loosing her brother, Jacob has been hard for her but I am trying to be there for her. Being with Luis is still new for me and I want to spend time with him but Lacey needs me. Right? Knowing that Lacey doesn`t have anybody else with her family all into the baby coming soon it is expected of her to act out but not like this making the moves with my boyfriend. Is this how life is going to be with the death of Jacob Salt?

Having friends is important no matter what they do yet when it comes to Lacey Salt there is only so much to accept. We all loved Jacob and see these friends going through this was hard to see them. Lacey I feel for her for her whole life has been teared apart because of Ginny yet the way she is acting is just way out there. Elisabeth Naughton shows us that we all go through grief in our ways but feel Lacey is not grieving correctly taking it out on her friendship. Have to give props to Mallory for no matter how rash Lacey is she still wants to think good about her friend. Luis, poor man he has no clue what is in store for him between these two. Cannot wait for Episode 4 and see what else is going to happen.


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