Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 4: Dance in the Wind by Jennifer Probst

Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 4: Dance in the Wind by Jennifer Probst
93 pages
4 1/2 moons

One thing about coming back home to Storm is that nothing changes. At least that was how it was when I decided to join the Army. It was my way of seeing the world and escaping this little town swearing I will never come back. Then again I was just turning 18 and looking back knowing the stuff I did still haunts me. Being in the sandpit of Afghanistan is definitely not for the weak and though I am glad to be home I still remember the friends I lost. I expected the town to be the same but right away I know it is not seeing Ginny pregnant and my brother in love. When I left she was just a girl who I thought was cute for me but seeing her now like a woman and expecting just blows me away. For the first time since I left the Army I feel happy and almost normal without the nightmares coming back everyday to me. Can Ginny be the one to give me peace or is she hiding something?

Logan Murphy now that is a man I didn`t expect to see come back to Storm. The last time I saw him he was just a boy and I was little Ginny to him. I know people are talking about me and wondering what exactly happened between me and Jacob. I love my Little Bit and really hope Jacob is the father and not the other one. Seeing the other one whose name will not be spoken interact with people and smiling like he didn`t take away my life is just upsetting. This is definitely not what I imagined my life to be. Seeing Logan and knowing he is alone like me makes me hope that this friendship can help both of us. I know the Salt family are anxious for Little Bit but each day with them just makes my problem harder than ever. Each day I wake up with fear of what will happen once the truth is revealed. Will Logan still like me after I get the courage to tell him my secret?

First love between a man and a woman who have known each other for so long is always so sweet for me. Logan Murphy is someone Ginny didn’t expect to see ever again but in so many ways is glad. Being with Logan she feels like a girl and not the one that stole Storms favorite son. I feel for Ginny for everybody still blames her for Jacob’s death and yet hope for a miracle she is carrying his son. The feelings Logan have for Ginny makes him happy and afraid. He knows she is a soon to be mother and he is taking a lot by being with her this doesn’t stop him. Jennifer Probst did a beautiful job in showing us a soldier who has seen pain and death trying to get back to civilian life feeling lost. Two people who need each other to feel normal again are about to make everybody in Storm look at them closely.


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