Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 6: Take the Storm by Rebecca Zanetti

Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 6: Take the Storm by Rebecca Zanetti
91 pages
4 moons

Romance, sex and love three things I have forgotten how to do. My whole life has been centered on Ginny and Luis making sure they have a normal life. Loosing our parents when I was in my 20`s I knew my life would change forever. Now I was responsible for 2 people to make sure they are loved and get an education. Sure I had to put my life on the back burner but it is worth it sometimes. I know people are talking that I failed with Ginny by her getting pregant and still in college. That is everybody except Patrick Murphy. He is the one person who is making me want to be impulsive and cave in to love something I never imagined but I have fallen for him. How can I give him my heart when my life will always be centered on my brother and my sister?

Sex the one thing a guy like me should be having but man I am afraid. Mallory is the one girl I want to be with but somehow I have well fucked it up. Lacey Salt used to be our friend and now seems to be the villain in our relationship. I know it was stupid of me to have feelings for Lacey but when I finally got Mallory I knew she was the one for me. Problem is because of Lacey  I am back in the friend zone but Mallory is worth waiting.  Will things ever get back to how it used to be?

Of everything that has been happening in Storm, Texas Marisol Moreno is definitely the one person that seems to be hangin on together with a light thread. I admire her for taking on her brother and sister at a young age sacrificing her life to make sure they have one. The thing though that saddens me is she is seeing well life go by her. You can tell right away Patrick really cares for her deeply and wants to really be with her. This is one couple I really hope make it in Season 2 for Marisol deserves so much love. Now the whole love triangle between Lacey, Luis ad Mallory just seems to be growing more with the way Lacey behaves now. She has definitely changed and so hurting both Mallory and Luis. It is cute to see how in love Luis is with Mallory but Lacey just wow talk about a conniving friend. So many things I am waiting for in this series loving it.


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