Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 8: Thunder Rolls by Dee Davis

Rising Storm Season 1 Episode 8 Thunder Rolls Dee Davis93 pages 

How can I let this happen? I have been with Tate for months and everybody says how perfect we are together. Yet I want Tucker, his brother. He is the lonesome cowboy helping his father and Tate is the lawyer going places. Two different people both in my heart but I keep looking for Tucker. What do I do?

I knew Ginny is a liar and it is up to me to finally make the town see what she really is. She has taken everything from me first my Jacob, then Logan and now my Senator. Everybody sees me as Dakota the lying,  slutty  and selfish girl but at least I don’t lie to our town.
The finale is here and man this is one big news the people of Storm, Texas will not survive. Reading each episode these people come to life and to think it started with Ginny and Jacob coming back from college. Two people who were best friends but loosing Jacob has turned everything upside down. I have to say Dakota has never rubbed on me always saw her scheming with a devious mind. Hannah now is new and man two men brothers no less into her wowza. Would have loved to know more about Tucker hoping we see more in Season 2. Dee Davis definitely set up fireworks in the finale wondering what will be next for the town. How will they survive? What is in store for the Salts, the Alvarez family more importantly who is the father of Ginnys baby?


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