Fighting Chance by Victoria Paige

Fighting Chance by Victoria Paige
99 pages

Misty Grove a far cry from all the action I saw when I was in the military and in Dallas. A sleep cozy town with very low violence at least I thought until I met Cassandra Reed. Our first meeting didn`t start off so well. Then again this woman is not your simple local girl. Seems everybody I have come across in Misty Grove is hiding something. It has been years since I have been attracted to a woman like Cassie and somehow this hellcat of a woman has gotten under my skin. Yet no matter how much I try to stay away from her trouble seems to be calling on her doorstep. Her and her twin brother, Lucas, are hiding something there is just so many secrets running around my town. As new Sheriff to Misty Grove I am determined to find out what the hell is going on even if it means arresting the woman that has bewitched me.

This is all new to me these feelings I have for Sheriff Trent Stone. Misty Grove seemed to be the perfect place the last 11 years to hide and now all because of the sexy sheriff our cover is going to be blown away. All those years ago me and Luca have tried to be normal considering everything that has happened to us. Trent is a man I cannot hide from and he is determined to find out about us no matter how hard I deny him. Just when I think we have a lock on what is going on a person from our past is back. I wonder if Trent will still want me as a woman he desires or will he see me for the freak I really am?

Get ready for a book that will get you on a rollercoaster of action, suspense, betrayal and hot sex from a sheriff that will make you want so many things. Victoria Paige rocked in this book between Trent and Cassie with so much adrenaline and passion between them. In  so many ways Cassie seemed innocent at all these feelings inside her it was quite refreshing to see a woman like her get well flustered with Trent. Now Trent man he can handcuff me anytime talk about hot and sexy ex-Military man. Poor Cassie had no chance avoiding this man for he was already under her skin. Loved the book and hope it continues would love to know about Lucas her brother, Matt and Colt in this book.


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