Rising Storm Seaso 2: Epiode 4: Lightning Strikes by Lexi Blake

Rising Storm Season 2 Episode 4: Lightning Strikes by Lexi Blake
81 pages
4 moons

Montana has always been my home until Marcus Alvarez came into my life. Having him as a friend has helped me deal with the loss of my little boy and now it is I who is going to help him. Coming to Storm, Texas is making me see there are other things besides ranching like beautiful Marisol Moreno. There is something about her that speaks to me and makes me feel alive. I will do anything for Marcus to make sure he is happy with his family including moving my life to Storm.

He is back and now my mother is back to being the person Hector made her. I hate it that it is because of him my family is so dysfunctional. If it wasn`t for Ian I would be in jail and even now I am tempted to finally get rid of Hector Alvarez. My mother doesn`t deserve this life she deserves happiness and love. Hector is the man who is destroying us. One thing for sure I am not going to let Hector destroy me and Brittany even if it means standing up to her family.

He is not going to be the father of Little Bit. I might have had only one night with Jacob but I know in my heart Jacob is the father. As a Senator he has every power to get my baby but knowing that I am alone scares me the most. I have lost everything even Logan and that hurt the most. Will I ever be able to get to normal or always be known as the girl that killed Storms favorite son?

You know the more I read about this town the more these characters come to life so easily. I can definitely see Ian riding into town settling in and Marisol all flusted with this attraction towards him. I mean sure Patrick was great but Ian is a man who understands Marisol in every way. Now really I wish Senator Sebastian gets killed off lol he is such a bully to Ginny. Because of him any happiness she had with Logan is gone and now she is alone. This is one series that is getting to me and cannot wait to see who is really the father I mean come on it has to be Jacobs no way can fate put Sebastian as the father. Loving this series.


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