Rising Storm Season 2: Episode 1: Against the Wind by Rebecca Zanetti

Rising Storm Season 2 Episode 1: Against the Wind by Rebecca Zanetti
105 pages
3 1/2 moons

I still cannot believe my brother did this. Everybody tells me I wasn`t in love with Hannah but she was everything to me. Tucker should have stayed away but now she betrayed me. The people of Storm, Texas need a mayor who doesn`t look like an idiot and that is what Tucker did to me. Knowing that I am running for office he made me like this. Now they don`t see me responsible considering this was going under my nose the betrayal. How can I make them see I am the right man to be mayor?

I cannot do this anymore but everytime I say no to him I fall back into his arms. Everybody sees Travis Salt as the grieving father but I know what makes him tick. It has been years since he loved Celeste and only me. I know it is wrong but I want him to myself not share him anymore. Sure this makes me the other woman but Celeste doesn`t deserve him anymore. Can I make Travis see we belong together?

Okay have to say sure what Tucker did to his own brother was bad. Problem is Tate never really loved Hannah only used her well as a trophy girl. His own life has been leading to politics and he is close. The love Tucker has for Hannah is real love and Tate has a hard time seeing this. Now Kristin I don`t like her at all in this book. I mean sure she has her issues but to entice a grieving father is wrong. Instead of helping him she is just making things worse for the Salts. All in all this is one season that is moving fast and cannot wait for the finale.


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