Rising Storm Season 2: Episode 2: Storm Warning by Larissa Ione

Rising Storm Season 2 Episode 2: Storm Warning by Larissa Ione
106 pages
4 moons

It is all Ginny`s fault I am unemployed and homeless. Well I still have my parents but it is Ginny`s fault nobody will hire me. They just see me as the one who is hurting Senator Sebastian in the election polls. I know I should have revealed her lies a different way but she deserved to be outed. Even my mom doesn`t seem herself and it ticks me off that she doesn`t even care what happened to daddy. Everybody in Storm, Texas sees me as the local slut, shallow and not what the Senator did to me. Nothing will ever be normal.

I don`t deserve Brittany Rush but I cannot let her go. She is the only reason I am still here besides my mother. I know Joanne can take care of hersef now that my evil father is gone. Her grandmother is determined to tear us apart bringing all my past mistakes back to the front. No matter how hard I try Brittany is mine forever.

So yes what Dakota did was wrong in revealing Ginny Moreno`s secret but the way everybody is treating her is a little wrong. I mean here is a man who is a Senator succumbing youg girls to his bidding is the wrong but nobody see`s that right now. I feel for Ginny because of Dakota she lost any hope of love and happiness with Logan. Dakota could have done this differently but with everything going on Storm is never going to be the same. I am curious to see how Dakota will survive for we see a little bit of hope in her growing. Will she be the girl she is destined to be or the same one? So man questions in this season and little time cannot wait for the next episode.


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