Rising Storm Season 2: Episode 3: Brave the Storm by Lisa Mondello

Rising Storm Season 2 Episode 3: Brave the Storm by Lisa Mondello
92 pages
4 moons

My granddaughter will not succumb to the other side of the tracks. She is a Rush and Rushes do not fall to the bottom of the society pole. Brittany is young and this phase with Marcus is just a phase. I see how they look at each other with googly eyes and love is just that a stupid feeling. If only my idiot son hid cock inside we wouldn`t be falling in the polls. As usual it is up to me to clean up this mess.

She is the only one I have loved even after all these years apart, Anna Mae Prager is my life. Problem is I left her to pursue my stupid dreams and lost years of happiness together. Now it seems as old as I am this is my last chance to get my woman for good. Will she still want me after she finds out I am a lost cause after all?

My bitch of a wife and her play toy Sheriff is going to pay. He thinks he can separate me of what I own he has another thing coming. Joanne is mine and no one is going to stop me this time. It is because of her I am not in my home with my family. This time she is going to pay and the Sheriff. Storm, Texas better watch out because they haven`t seen the last of Hector Alvarez.

Each series is like were in a hurricane about to explode and man this one just proves how close we are to that point. Everything seems to almost get back to normal in Storm, Texas except there is still secrets, lies and well forgiveness. All Brittany wants is to be with Marcus but her grandmother Marylee is determined to stop it. In her heart Brittany knows Marcus is the man for her even when he tries to cut her loose. I have to say though I love to see a romance being rekindled especially when it comes to Chase Johnson, the prodigal brotherof the Mayor and Anna Mae. Here are two lovers who because of being young had hopes and dreams to pursue. Now seeing them again was like hope being reborn again for the happiness they lost. I loved it and man with Hector coming back wonering how that will turn out. A vicious man almost like the eye of the storm what will happen.


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