Rising Storm Season 2: Episode 5: Fire and Rain by R.K. Lilley

Rising Storm Season 2 Episode 5: Fire and Rain by R.K. Lilley
79 pages
4 moons

I know what I did was wrong but at the time I was acting out. I just lost my brother, my parents are hardly talking to each other and now looking back I am more alone than ever. Mallory and Luis are my best friends and now I am not sure how to make it up to them. Everyone around me seems to have a purpose except me. Why did Jacob have to die? Why is life so hard right now?

I cannot do this anymore my heart belongs to Kristin. Somehow she is the only comfort that soothes me. Loosing Jacob was tough but even before his death my marriage hasn`t been the same. I know Kristin wants more but am I strong enough to give it to her.

It is time to tell my Anna Mae why I am really back. I know years ago I hurt her by me following my dreams something I have regretted all these years. Life without Anna Mae is not something I want to continue at all. Problem is will she still want me once she finds out why I am really back in Storm, Texas.

The prodigal son has returned and boy never thought the mayor of Storm, Texas will have a brother like Chase. Those two are so opposite yet in so many ways resemble Tucker and Tate. One is destined for the ranch life and the other has big dreams in music. I loved though that Chase has never forgotten about his woman and through everything that has happened he is fighting to get Anna Mae back in his life. Now Lacey I am happy to see that she is making a change in her life and sees what she did was wrong. If only Dakota can see this too. So many things happening in the wake of Jacobs death this is one season you don`t want to miss in Storm, Texas.


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