Rising Storm Season 2: Episode 6: Quiet Storm by J. Kenner

Rising Storm Season 2 Episode 6: Quiet Storm by J. Kenner
86 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

Everytime I see Luis and Mallory it pains me to know I caused all this trouble. If I was a better friend I wouldn`t be all alone right now. Only one who stood by me is Jeffrey my cousin and knowing what I know now I am confused. I never thought he would be like this but now that he and Aunt Payton are living with us I am ready to know more about my cousin. I know once his secret is out the Senator will make his life hell but I am determined to make him see family stick together.

I am not sure how it happened I never imagined this to happen. One good thing about this is that dad will finally be off my back. I am proud of mom for finally taking a stand and even finding her piece of happiness. Problem is will th town and my friends be ready to deal with this once my secret is out. I mean after all I am the son of Senator Rush how could he have let this happen right.

Oh man never saw this coming with Jeffrey and this is part of what I like about Season 2 so many things happening left and right. As the town of Storm, Texas try to get back to normal the Rush family is slowy falling apart and we are seeing a little bit of Celeste coming back to life. Cannot wait to find out who is Ginnys father rooting for Jacob.


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