Rising Storm Season 2: Episode 7: Blinding Rain by Elisabeth Naughton

Rising Storm Season 2 Episode 7: Blinding Rain by Elisabeth Naughton
78 pages
4 moons

I am so tired of him still mooning over Hannah. Everybody knows that he wasn`t all in love with her except him. My name is Mary Anne Prager and I am in love with Tate Johnson. He is the man I have dreamed of and know can make him better. When it comes to love it is time to fight for my man even being someone I never imagined myself to be: agressive. It is time Tate see`s the woman of his dreams has always been in front of him and no not Hannah.

Ginny, Ginny the only woman that is always and still in my head and heart. I am stupid I know but knowing the lies she did is still fresh for me. Seeing Deila my old flame back just shows that it is time for me to move. Problem is that though my head says it`s time my heart is still with Ginny. The War was tough and harsh yet putting my feelings out there again to Ginny is scary. Will I ever get the courage?

Were almost to the end and I so don`t want it to end. I cannot believe how shocked I was when Mary Anne finally confronted Tate I was like you go girl. Finally we have a girl who will fight to get her happiness and they are just so cute together Tate and Mary Anne. Now Logan and Ginny belong together and man Brittany setting him up is just wrong. Yet this is exactly what she needed to see that life is better when she has Ginny. Everything is coming full circle and the birth of Ginny`s baby so close cannot wait.


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