Rising Storm Season 2: Episode 8: Blue Skies by Dee Davis

Rising Storm Season 2 Episode 8: Blue Skies by Dee Davis
98 pages

It is time. I know Jacob wouldn`t want me like this and my family that is still alive needs me. For so long I was in this hole of grief knowing I will never see the laughter and smile of my little boy. All around I see Lacey and Payton need me now. Travis is not the man I thought will be with me more forever. It is time for us to reborn again.

My daddy is not a monster. At least I thought so until this morning. How was I so blind to not see this. Knowing that my mother lived with this is too much but to hear him call me names is something that I never imagined. He was my daddy the one who loved me not this monster of violence. Now all I thought was true is gone and now I am Dakota Alvarez daughter of an abusive father. What more can happen in my life?

Oh my god Oh my god were finally at the finale and what a bang it is. We finally know who Ginny`s baby`s father is and man if this was a bet I would have won. The power of love, hope and faith comes all together in the season finale. All the authors in this series brought this town to life and really hope there is a season 3. So much to see I mean from the baby, Logan and Ginny, Tate and Mary Anne just so much in this town worth telling more. I loved it and man we finally see even Dakota find herself to be the woman Joanne has always seen in her. Loved it.


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