The Bachelor Auction by Rachel van Dyken

The Bachelor Auction by Rachel Van Dyken
Ebook and Print

When did my life become an endless day of the same thing repeatedly? Where does it state I have to clean, make breakfast an oh yes forget about my life for the sake of my sisters? Well it all happened the day I lost my parents and I got stuck in this hell hole. I love my sisters but compared to them I am well Plain Jane. The sister nobody wants to be with, the sister who can be run over all the time. All my life it has been to care for them and somewhere along the line I forgot about my life until I met him. All it took was having a broken heel and I met Prince Charming. One minute he is laughing, nice and the sexual chemistry between us hot. The thing is I am Plain Jane and nobody wants me at least I thought so.

There is something about her that has gotten to me. As the eldest and the most eligible bachelor of the Wellington family I have responsibilities to uphold. The bachelor auction is just another thing I cannot say no to my grandfather. For years I have always said yes and now looking into Plain Janes eyes I want more than ever to say no to everything else. She is making me want to feel and do things I have forgotten how to do. My brothers say I am crazy to let her go but what can a man known as Boring Brock give to a woman who is filled with laughter, smiles and love. More importantly what in the world is my grandfather up to bringing Plain Jane into my life when he is setting me up to marry a stranger at the bachelor ball?

I love fairy tales especially when it is modernized and boy did Rachel van Dyken modernize it beautifully. I have to say I feel for Jane always being treated like a maid feeling there is no hope. Now Brock have to say is definitely no Prince Charming but when he does act like one Jane better be careful. Rachel van Dyken created a story that will touch everybodys heart even those who don`t believe in Prince Charmings and happily ever afters. This is not the usual Cinderella story instead is a young man stuck in the past trying to love and the young woman to give him a chance at living again. Loved it.

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