The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis

The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jill Shalvis
384 pages
Ebook and Print
4 moons

She is the devil incarnate. She hates me and worse is the vomit I step onto in the mornings. Her name is Petunia aka PITA **pain in the ass** I will do anything for my Aunt Sally but for how long is still in question. The only one who can help me is beautiful Willa the local pet exraordinaire. I know coming to her makes me desperate but Pita hates me. I am not sure why Willa hates me but I am determined to prove to her how much I want her. She may be loveable, funny but to me she is showing her prickly side which to me I find sexy. Family is important to me and knowing that my Willa never experienced that makes me want to give her all the beautiful happiness Christmas brings.

So my pet store looks like Christmas and New Years threw up but I love Christmas except Santa Claus now he just scares me. I love bringing happiness to others and have no time for love no matter how many times my employees keep bringing the mistletoes up. Through all this jollyness I didn`t expect to see the guy who broke my heart in high school with the cutest cat ever. Keane Winters is one man who set the bar for every other guy making me turn away to real love. It doesn`t exist but sex definitely does with the right man. It was supposed to be just to help him out with Pita and nothing more but dang one hot night with him makes me crave more of him. He is like hot chocolate irresistible, addicting and oh so wrong.

Get ready for a Christmas romance that will not only make you warm all inside but also want your own mistletoe everyday. I loved that Jill Shalvis pulled no stops in making us see two different side of Willa. The first how strong and brave she shows to others but inside is a little girl who still wants the Christmas she never got as a little girl. Having Keane right now is showing her that there is more to just opening presents on Christmas but miracles do happen in unusual ways.  Jill Shalvis not only made this cute, sweet but so funny with little Pita and Keane fighting his own emotions as well. These two complete each other bringng out their good and some times bad sides. Loved it.


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